Dada Zirkus from Vienna graduated from the circus- and theatre school CAU in Granada. Their shows combine acrobatics, juggling, object manipulation, dance and their unique style of physical theatre. They tell modern fairy tales, subtly moving between common cliché and total imagination – accompanied by “Lady Dada’s” spellbinding violin and voice. Their stage plays are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but always bizarre.


Two extraordinary and opposite characters meet in their play.  After overcoming the first obstacles a surreal love story unfolds and takes the audience on an emotional rollercoster. It is circus for adults, but experience shows that also kids love the show.

The duration of the show can be adapted: 7 – 30 minutes

The stage has to be minimal 3x6m and optimal 6x10m


So far Dada Zirkus performed 60 times in 6 countries. You can find a list here.

Articles about Dada Zirkus in newspapers and online magazines you can find here.



Circus Artist, Streetperformer, Physical Theatre Actor, Activist, Historian


Arno was born in Vienna. Besides attending several courses he graduated from the Circus- and Theatre-School “CAU” in Granada after two years. He has a wide range of skills. His specialities are the connection of circus with theatrical dramaturgy, solo- and partner acrobatics, object manipulation (contact staff), pantomime, capoeira, belly and contemporary dance.

Together with André he started the circus company “Dada Zirkus” in 2014. Before he co-founded “C3” (=Curious Circus Collective) and worked as a co-director and actor in two big circus theatre plays “reALICE” 2012 and “Brain Squatting” 2014. To push contemporary circus in Austria he organized since 2010 ten varieties.

Since 2005 Arno regularly tours with different fire show companies through South- and East Europe. Additionally he works as a teacher in acrobatics and political performance art in institutions like the “VHS Meidling” and the “University for Applied Arts Vienna”.

Already during his time in school he was intensively involved in creative protest and social activities, like the “SpielerAI” (theatre of the oppressed group of “Amnesty International”), the “Rebel Clown Army”, the founding of the first Austrian free-shop 2005, the organization of the congress of solidarity economy 2009 and more.



Circus Artist, Dancer, Musician, Circus Trainer


André was born in Vienna. As a teenager he learned to play the guitar and trained various martial arts. When he discovered juggling he then became more and more passionate for artistic training such as physical theatre, pantomime, acrobatics and dance.


He studied circus education at the “Circus Academy Vienna”, he learned Austrian sign language and he collected experience on stage as a musician. He graduated from the circus and theatre school “CAU” in Granada at which point his partner and he founded the contemporary circus company „Dada Zirkus“. They also were involved founding „C3” (Curious Circus Collective) and organizing variety shows. On stage he works with the disciplines: physical theatre, aerial silks, juggling, contemporary dance and partner acrobatics.



Violinist, Singer, Composer, Performance Artist, Trainer


Roxanne is an exceptional violin player, singer and trainer on improvisation techniques. Her combined experience of 15 years of stage performance makes her a wonderful addition to dozens of festivals and concert venues every year.

Roxanne’s career has lead her all the way from classical music during her education at the Conservatory in Vienna, via pop and rock bands to her current passion for folk and traditional music. Influenced by numerous projects with dancers, acrobats and circus artists she developed a unique style and techniques for musical improvisation.

Roxanne currently plays traditional European dancing music, Gypsy Jazz, Tango and improvised music in various formations. Roxanne Szankovich’s solo act „VioLiebe“ (German „Liebe“ = „love“) features an enchanting combination of violin play and her poignant voice. She works with numerous writers, accompanies improvisational theatre productions and foremost she is the musician and composer of the circus performance duo „Dada Zirkus“.